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2013Teaching strategies to enhance the learning of the listening comprehension in english classes for students in their third educational academic year at unidad educativa bilingüe steiner, academic year 2013-2014Palacios Chacón, Martha; Auria Jiménez, Narcisa Elizabeth; Miranda Barahona, Stephanny Desireé
2013The traditional assessment affects the english learning process in the seventh grade of students at cenaculo school academic year 2011 – 2012Palacios Chacón, Martha; Martínez Molina, Hirlanda Belén; Bumachar Feijoo, Jalime Patricia
2013Strategies for the significant learning of multi- word verbs in 7th -year students of basic education at liceo panamericano and nueva semilla educational units in the school year 2013Mejía Alarcón, Mario; Mera Andrade, Leonardo; Solórzano Moreira, Delia
2015The influence of games on the development of speaking skills in students of eighth-year at unidad educativa Baltasara Calderón de RocafuerteMora Zapater, Janeth; Ramírez Pazmiño, Allison Andrea; Quinde Macías, Byron Michael
2015Using communicative activities to increase students’ production in english grammar classes at Francisco de Orellana high schoolVizcaíno de Fernández, Cristina; Vera Morales, Cindy Nathaly
2014Andragogical teaching strategies to encourage motivation of the english language acquisition in 30 to 50 year old students at centro ecuatoriano norteamericanoTorres Freres, Xavier; Neira Flores, Claudia Jeanneth; Carrera Delgado, Rafael Medardo
2016The importance of socio - affective strategies and their incidence on motivation in seventh and sixth grade students at unidad educativa Mariscal SucreChávez Urbina, Jenny; Rodríguez Puga, Karina; Villalva Rivera, Lourdes
2013Analysis of the causes for the deficiency in the overall proficiency and in the language level of the 2nd year bachillerato students at unidad educativa fiscal Dr. Emilio Uzcategui Garcia of 2013 – 2014 academic yearVizcaíno de Fernández, Cristina; Novoa Robayo, Celso Saúl; Anchundia Holguin, Gerónimo Daniel
2014The influence of teachers’ attitude on the behavior of 10th grade students when teaching english at centro educativo la moderna during the period 2014-2015Vizcaíno de Fernández, Cristina; Cevallos Almeida, Liz Aura; Basantes Robalino, María Cristina
2015Using fairy tales to improve the reading skill in the seventh grade students at unidad educativa fiscal Ficoa de MontalvoVizcaíno de Fernández, Cristina; Galarza Palma, Luis Angel