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2019Methodological strategies to enhance reading comprehension skills in students of third B.G.U. at bilingual school Montessori in the scholastic year 2017 - 2018Mejía Alarcón, Mario; Prado Córdova, Michael Enrique; González Zambrano, Ana Gabriela
2019Communicative approach activities that benefit the acquisition of the english language in 6th grade students at a rural school in canton Daule during the school year 2018-2019Mora Zapater, Janeth; Martínez Zambrano, Ángela Victoria; Ruiz Ramírez, Kathiuska Isabel
2019Meaningful learning theory application to improve english speaking skills in 10th grade students at Liceo Cristiano de Guayaquil during school year 2018-2019Mora Zapater, Janeth; Álava Ramírez, Andrés Joaquín
2019How natural approach activities influence seventh graders pronunciation at unidad educativa DelfosMejía Alarcón, Mario Fernando; Arboleda Solís, Erick; Echeverría Luna, Silvana
2019The influence of communicative activities to enhance listening comprehension skill of english one students at espol university during the academic year 2018-2019Mora Zapater, Janeth; Acurio Laje, David Clemente
2019Application of communicative approach techniques to develop speaking skills in students of high school during the school year 2018-2019Campoverde Méndez, Mélida Rocío; Chuya Chuya, Wilmer Adolfo
2019Ludic activities to improve speaking skills in 10th basic year students at Jacinto González Huacón high school during school year 2018-2019Campoverde Méndez, Mélida Rocío; Cercado Martillo, Joice Sabrina
2019Teaching activities for improving reading skills in second B.G.U students at Integración Técnica Educativa High School during the school year 2017-2018Mejía Alarcón, Mario; Camacho Salazar, Ivonne Jazmín; Esparza Rizzo, Jonathan Andrés
2019The influence of the use of puppets as a pedagogical resource to improve the english oral proficiency in 2nd grade studentsMora Zapater, Janeth; Ruiz Muñoz, Cindy Ivette
2019The influence of scaffolding teaching strategies to develop communicative skills in 9th grade students, school year 2018 – 2019Mora Zapater, Janeth; Campos Molina, Elsa Jacqueline