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2013Strategies for the significant learning of multi- word verbs in 7th -year students of basic education at liceo panamericano and nueva semilla educational units in the school year 2013Mejía Alarcón, Mario; Mera Andrade, Leonardo; Solórzano Moreira, Delia
2015Pedagogical methods, techniques, and approaches to enhance english speaking skills in third year bachillerato at unidad educativa fiscal República de Francia during the school year 2015-2016León Veliz, Luis; Valdiviezo Soto, Katty Stefany; Vera Navarrete, Katherine Johanna
2016Use of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence theory to improve the creative learning of the english language in students of 1st EGB at unidad educativa bilingue instituto particular Abdón CalderónGranizo Vargas, Yadira; Almeida Uzho, Stefany Paola; Mujica Salame, Patricia Celeste del Rosario
2016The use of visual materials to increase english vocabulary acquisition in eighth year students at Julio Pimentel Carbo high schoolMora Zapater, Janeth; Fajardo Casco, Joseline Mailyn
2016The use of mobile-assisted language learning as a supplementary material to improve listening skills in young learners at centro ecuatoriano norteamericanoTorres Freres, Xavier; Navia Moreira, Sussy Analia
2017Didactic strategies to increase reading comprehension to 7-year-old students at academia naval altamarVargas Aguirre, Carmen Magali; Cajamarca Ruiz, Andrea Estefanía
2013Application of techniques based on the natural approach to improve the oral production in efl students from seventh year of general basic education at novusTorres, Christian; Bohórquez Ulloa, Elba Yadira; Chamba Jima, Edilma Lorena
2018Collaborative learning as a teaching and learning methodology for improving vocabulary skills in children from 7 to 10 years old at a private english academy during the school year 2017-2018Campoverde Méndez, Mélida Rocío; Molina Nugra, Jesús Abraham
2018The benefits of using websites in education to enhance the english learning process in 10th grade students at unidad educativa America del Sur high school during the academic year 2017-2018León Veliz, Luis; García Espinales, Edison; Barre Reyes, Lourdes
2018Influence of teaching strategies in 9th graders achievement of instructional goals at liceo Los Andes during the school year 2017-2018Mora Zapater, Janeth; Lizano Domínguez, Estefanía Solange